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Essential Technology Solutions for Small Business

Technology is an essential component to the success of any Small Business.  From Hardware and Software, and Service Solutions, technology can help you work more efficiently, find more customers, and save money while doing it.  The following are essential steps where technology can help your business become more profitable and productive.

1.    Computer System Hardware and Software

Selecting the right systems and software to run your business is important.  PC's should be designed for the task they need to perform.  A standard PC can handle most office functions like word processing, spreadsheets etc., where a high-end machine would be required for design or video processing applications.  Bookkeeping software and a Customer Management Database geared for your business type are options to be considered as well.  The right Operating System software is also important.  Business systems should always run on Windows Professional Operating system instead of Windows Home.

2.    Data Storage and Management

Centralized storage and management of data is handled by a business server.  User accounts and permissions are setup here and other services such as web and email hosting can run here as well.

3.    Computer Network

A computer network to tie all of this together.  This will allow sharing of data and resources, and collaboration between employees.

4.    Internet

Connection to the outside world entails voice and data services that will allow communication and Internet access to the world.

5.    Company Identity

Establishing a Company identity for your Small Business via a website and email domain.

6.    Email Management

Hosting your own email whether on-site through your own server or in the cloud allows more flexibility and control of the options and management of your email accounts.

7.    Security

Software and Hardware Systems that protect your network from hacking, viruses and ransomware.  Also prevents spam by filtering email, and protects critical data from loss or corruption with daily backups.

8.    A way to Manage all of This….The MSP Solution

The MSP Solution offered by a Managed Service Provider aims to maintain and support critical components of your Small Business technology.  With these services in place systems are monitored and preventative maintenance and support are performed either remotely or on-site.  Off-site Backups are available, and anti-virus clients and spam filtering can be installed on all endpoint systems. 

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