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No matter what size your company is or what size network you have, size doesn't matter.  What matters is how efficient your network is.  Efficiency is defined by how well it works for your business and how fast it works logically.  So if you have questions about your network, expanding your network, or installing a new network, Absolute Integrity can help you in all phases of design and implementation.  For more information click here.
Networking is a group of two or more computing devices connected via a form of communications technology. For example, a business might use a computer network connected via cables, wireless or the Internet in order to gain access to a common server or to share programs, files and other information.
Access points provide a central base for your wireless network much the same as a switch or hub on a wired network. As with hubs or switches access points extend range.  Wireless comes in many configurations including Wireless Printer Servers, network cards, Routers, Wireless Access Point Extenders etc...

Whatever your need is Absolute Integrity can help you decide on what product(s) will best work for you.
Server and PC Solutions
Absolute Integrity offers products from servers to PC's, standard to custom, and commercial grade laptops from Toshiba and HP.  Software products include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows (Only the professional or higher versions), Symantec products, computer parts and accessories and more. 

Absolute Integrity builds their own servers and PC's which includes a 3 year parts and labor limited warranty with all our systems.  You don't have to sit on the phone explaining your problem to us.  We simply come out and evaluate the issue and act on it.  If the problem was simply a glitch and not a real hardware issue, there will be no charge for the response unless there are problems unrelated to the hardware such as software or other non-hardware related issues.   We are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.
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Cabling Solutions
Absolute Integrity has all the resources to handle voice and data cabling as well as voice and data cable management.  Even the smallest networks can have cabling issues.  There are inexpensive solutions for all configurations.  Data and voice cabling solutions come in Cat5, Cat6, and Fiber.
Security Systems
Why do you need security cameras for you business?  Well you don't until you do.  It is the same as health insurance.  One stay at the hospital and you will be glad you have health insurance.  The reasons why you should install security cameras is:

Crime Detection
Criminals do not want to be seen.  If a criminal sees cameras the chances of he or she commiting that crime drop.

Loss Prevention
Internal theft is a larger problem for most companies than they realize.  Internal theft can be as simple as an employee taking simple office supplies or as complex as them taking customer records and other extremely valuable company files.

False Claims
False claims can be a slip and fall, sexual harassment, bad customer service.  These can cost a company a lot of money and it's reputation.

Peace of Mind
Sometimes you’ll just get a feeling that something is not right at the office. Security cameras give you the ability to ‘look in’ on your office and the areas surrounding your building from your home computer or smart phone – and seeing with your own eyes that everything is OK can provide you with great peace of mind.

Monitoring Services:

Absolute Integrity offers monitoring services where we can monitor your systems and get notifications when issues arrise or when potential problems are about to happen that you are not aware of.  Examples of what we monitor are you Exchange Services, Backup, DNS, DHCP, and any critical services that for unknown reasons may stop causing a network interruption.

Backup and Recovery:

Another service we offer is backup and recovery.  This service is setup so a backup is done onsite and offsite.  The offsite is a mirror of the onsite backup and provides you security if something damaging occurs onsite that causes equipment to become damaged.

Maintenance Contracts:  Maintenance Contract is a service we provide that allows us to keep your network equipment running.  with this contract we provide quartely Preventative Maintenance (PM).  When performing a PM, we schedule time to come in, do a physical check on the equipment, run all updates bringing your servers up-to-date, and if necessary, order any material for repairs.  (Note, hardware is not covered under the contract.) 

Through our experience we have come across servers that were crashing several times a day simply because internal fans were not working causing overheating of the equipment forcing it to shutdown or crash.  Something that simple can be detected at a PM and in most cases repaired at that time.