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Richard C. Lauria:  President/CEO
Averell N. Thorne - Vice President/COO

Richard C. Lauria was the Information Technology Manager at Honeywell for over 15 years.  During that time he attended Columbia College where he obtained a Associate of Arts in Business and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science where he studied subjects like Artificial Intellegence and advanced computer systems.  He then went on to Denver University where he worked on his Masters in Computer Information Systems studying more advanced computer information systems.

Averell N. Thorne worked in the IT department along side Richard for 14 years where he became expert in all phases of computer technology and communication.  In earlier years Averell attended the University of Buffallo in Buffallo New York where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Audio Technology.

How it Started

Absolute Integrity Industries, Inc. was established in 1998 by Richard C. Lauria and Averell N. Thorne.  Both partners were IT specialists at Honeywell with over 25 years of combined experience at that time.  Their vision was to provide service and support to small businesses so they could compete with large businesses more effectively.

Through the years at Honeywell Richard and Averell were in the middle of the IT explosion with installation of newer systems from Novell Servers to Microsoft Servers from Dos to Windows, and were involved in converting from Main Frame systems to Micro Systems using Linux, VAX, UNIX.  The conversion at that time also involved running newer software on Novell and Microsoft Servers for a plant that had over 1800 employees and muliple departments which included Human Resources, Engineering, Graphics, Accounting, Manufacturing and Testing to name a few.


With this wealth of knowledge and experience, the two partners founded Absolute Integrity Industries, Inc with the committment to service it's customers with the highest Integrity possible, Absolutely.  Hence, the name was created.  The company is dedicated in providing the service necessary to keep it's customers in business and competitive now and in the future.  Our customers are our business and we can't survive without them.  Therefore Absolute Integrity is committed and dedicated to quality and will back it up. 

Our goal is to Communicate together.  We believe that if you are successful, then we did our job in helping you with the tools to get there. Our intentions are to increase your business productivity by helping you realize the maximum benefit from your information systems and finding solutions for your information needs. We are dedicated to keeping your information business operations running smoothly so you are able to focus your attention on running your business.

We are committed to quality and performance above and beyond the normal. Going out of our way to achieve satisfaction is a normal way of doing business for us.

Client Diversity

Our customers are of all backgrounds and types of businesses.  They include Churches of all faiths, Accountants, Oil Recovery, Medical, Real Estate, Food Services, Cell Tower Manufacturers/Installers, Electricians, Lawyers, Geologists, Veterinary Doctors and Medical Doctors and more.....    This diverse customer base gives us the knowledge and understanding about the different needs of these different types of businesses, which allows us true hard experience working with all types of customers and their unique and different needs.

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